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When you watch the news, don't you feel stress, even anxiety?  Most simply find today's news depressing and said.  Nothing really "new", but rather "old".  We at News Online are creating a news outlet, to publish as we say "All the good news that's good to print."  Our sincerest wish and aim is that after watching "true news" on our web-based portal, you feel glad and relieved that there are good things going on - Nationally, Statewide, Countywide, and Locally.   News that helps us to come together as community and neighbors.  

Check back often, because we will be posting media, including video, or real news events that you can enjoy viewing and reading.  

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These stories are today's latest, breaking coverage of what's new, and where.  Full citation and accreditation to the original source is given when the author of that coverage is not a member of the News Online organization.    

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